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Evander Holyfield granted auction reprieve

The 50 year-old began action against the auction house at the beginning of the month after changing his mind on the more sentimental possessions in the 400 plus collection he put of for sale. Some of the items that Holyfield was successful in blocking are his 1984 Olympic bronze medal and the gloves and robes he wore for his infamous ‘ear-bite’ bout with rival Mike Tyson in 1996.

Eleven items in total have been held back at Holyfield’s request, although Julien’s boss Darren Julien remains steadfast in his determination that the sale of those items will go ahead at some stage.

The auction is pencilled in for November 30 and those few stipulated possessions, as ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Christina A. Snyder, will not be going under the hammer on the said date.

Julien, who has remained confident of victory throughout the process, has told WBN that he is certain that he will be able to overturn the decision and auction off the lots at some point in the future.

“Though the judge approved a temporary restraining order to exclude just 11 items from our November 30th auction, we will absolutely continue with the auction on November 30th where we will be selling over 400 plus lots of Holyfield memorabilia beginning at 10am,” Julien told World Boxing News.

“As to the lawsuits, we sincerely regret that Evander has chosen to engage in litigation, especially given the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have expended and advanced to Evander, and the incredible amount of press coverage and promotion we have obtained to make this the most amazing auction possible.

“We are confident that we will ultimately prevail when these frivolous claims are actually decided on the merits, and once we have won, we fully expect and intend to sell these few items in a future auction.”