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Ricky Hatton: Comeback on my terms

The former two-weight world champion is rumoured to be harbouring what is thought to be one of the worst kept secrets in boxing at the moment as initial stories on his retirement reversal fight first came out in July.

Since then, Hatton’s closes allies have also denied the information that has made it to the media, although every major news source now seems to be running with a November outing for the ‘Hitman’ in Manchester.

When pushed on a headline story from the back of one of the British tabloids, the 33 year-old insistently tweeted this statement over the weekend: “Don’t you find it strange that it’s been in every paper, all over the box, but not on here?

“Don’t you think if a comeback is on you’d hear it from me? It’s everywhere and I haven’t said or done a single interview. Ha ha!”

It may be a final attempt by Hatton to keep the real story from his fans until his imminent press conference, which some journalists have tipped to happen this week if talks over his boxing licence go smoothly over the next couple of days.

There is no doubt the interest levels over the story of Hatton returning to fighting have given him all the indication needed to confirm that he is still one of the top names in the sport despite his three-year absence and its now just a matter of time before the announcement is made.