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Mayweather: Pacquiao should take the test

The WBC welterweight champion, who faces Miguel Cotto on May 5th in Las Vegas, has continually locked horns with the Filipino over drug-testing and more recently the purse split, as the fight the whole of boxing wants to see continues to stall.

“Everyone should be on an even playing field,” Mayweather stated at a recent conference call.

“Pacquiao has done a lot for the sport but he should be standing with me (on drug-testing). Manny should be saying ‘I’m a clean athlete and if I want to be the best I will take the test’ but he’s not.

“Health is more important than money. I want every fighter to go into the ring & know the fighter across from him is clean. Eventually random blood and urine testing will be mandatory in the sport. I believe it. I will be a part of history.”

The 35 year-old will begin a likely 60-day jail-term on June 1, a week before Pacquiao fights Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand and Mayweather believes that Pacquiao will come through the bout unscathed against the undefeated 140lb champion.

“Bradley I’ve seen no more than 3 times. In one fight, I thought he lost. But he’s a good boxer. I can’t take that away,” said Mayweather.

“If it was really all about Pacquiao, I wouldn’t’ve had to fight all 42 opponents. I would’ve had to fight just one guy,” he added.