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12 Rounds with Cornelius ‘K9’ Bundrage

(ROUND 1) What was your first gym “K-9”?

My first gym was the world famous Kronk gym in Detriot which is now closed.

(ROUND 2) Who influenced you as a young boxer?

I’d have to say the young Mike Tyson, who destroyed the heavyweight division in the mid 80’s.

(ROUND 3) Who is the toughest opponent you have faced?

I’d have to say Kassim Ouma, who I went a tough ten rounds with in March 2008, I won a unanimous decision.

(ROUND 4) Who would you like to fight now that you’re the IBF Champ?

I’d love to face Manny Pacquiao. I have respect for him but think I could beat him.

(ROUND 5) What’s the best fight you have seen?

Thomas Hearns v Sugar Ray Leonard in 1981.

(ROUND 6) Who is your favourite current fighter?

I just like boxing so couldn’t name a favourite fighter.

(ROUND 7) What’s your motivation Cornelious?

Jesus Christ.

(ROUND 8) What would you change about boxing?

Fighter’s retiring broke with no idea of who they are.

(ROUND 9) After the Foreman no contest, Did you think you would get a shot at the title so soon?

I was mandatory, I knew I would get a shot at the IBF belt.

(ROUND 10) What was going through your mind when the referee stepped in an you were World Champion?

It’s over with, I am the champ WOW!, god loves me more that I love myself.

(ROUND 11) Now that you are finally the champion, what are your plan’s?

That I don’t know, it’s in god’s hands, but I would like to fight the big fight’s for high rewards and financial stability.

(ROUND 12) Finally “K-9”, tell us something about you that we don’t know?

I am afraid of mice!

Thank you and much love to all my fans!