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Usyk vs Fury II on course for undisputed heavyweight title

The Usyk vs Fury rematch has the most significant ray of hope of having the undisputed heavyweight title on the line.

World Boxing News broke the news on Wednesday that the IBF and Oleksandr Usyk are finally on the same page regarding its mandatory obligation.

After the IBF President welcomed an exception request from Usyk’s team, WBN contacted promoter Alexander Krassyuk, who told us, “Of course, we will ask for an exception,” to avoid what was supposed to be the inevitable.

Usyk set to keep IBF heavyweight title with exception

Darryl Peoples had never publicly given any hope to Usyk previously, leading to many outlets continually running the story that Usyk would lose his title. But as WBN exclusively revealed this week, that may not be the case, and it’s now up to both sides to thrash out a deal with Filip Hrgovic. The Croatian star is currently the number-one contender awaiting his shot at the world championship. Having stepped aside twice for Usyk, many thought a third time would be impossible. However, the IBF’s encouragement for Usyk means it may no longer be in Hrgovic’s hands.

The IBF could rule that Usyk faces the winner of Hrgovic vs Daniel Dubois after a rematch with Tyson Fury for three reasons. One is to keep the fans who waited 25 years for a four-belt champion happy. Two, so that Hrgovic himself gets a crack at more than the IBF strap, and three, because Fury delayed the fight for six months, which wasn’t Usyk’s fault. The entire situation makes sense for boxing, which means Turki Alalshikh can stage another blockbuster undisputed battle in Saudi Arabia by the end of the year.

Fury vs Usyk II for undisputed crown

At present, the chances of Usyk vs Fury II being for all the marbles are much better than before the first fight. The contract is already signed, and an official announcement could be made in June for October or November. Having every piece of hardware on the line for the rematch is essential. Turki knows this, and indeed, Darryl Peoples knows it by now.

Once Usyk vs Fury II is in the books, Alalshikh would be on course to stage at least three undisputed clashes over the course of the champion’s reign. Hrgovic, Joseph Parker, and Anthony Joshua are currently holding the positions of challengers to Usyk’s crown, provided he defeats Fury again.

The IBF has done the right thing in being receptive to an exemption from Usyk, which he will put in writing for the sanctioning body to consider. However, if Peoples has already encouraged Usyk to apply for an exception, it looks to be a foregone conclusion that the IBF will accept.

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