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Home » True Geordie enrages Muslim community after Tyson Fury wrath

True Geordie enrages Muslim community after Tyson Fury wrath

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Podcaster True Geordie has come under fire from the Muslim community just days after getting a scolding from Tyson Fury.

In a recent YouTube video, Geordie, real name Brian Davis, remarked about “blowing himself up” and taking Andrew Tate with him.

Davis and Tate have a long-running feud. Since Tate reverted to Islam, Geordie decided to give his nemesis a piece of his mind.

However, the comments have not gone down well with Muslims and others who have expressed their feelings via social media.

Guz Khan speaks up on True Geordie comments

One of those is comedian Guz Khan, one of the few to raise his voice to Geordie.

“This you son TrueGeordie? – All the ‘true’ Geordies I know don’t try and banter like this. Soft lad,” said Khan before calling out celebrity Muslims who didn’t stand up against the quotes.

“How many of your Muslim influencers and celebs haven’t said anything about these people running their mouths?

“Everyone worried about the cheque. Smelly generation.”

Geordie made an apology video, which read: “I made a joke in questioning that ‘newfound faith’ of his.

“That conveniently comes at a time when he needs as many supporters as he can get. It was a stupid joke.

“When I say that out loud, when I’m aware of it, f***ing horrendous. It was one of those off-the-cuff remarks I made with a total lack of thought.

“I used an unrealistic stereotype to take aim at someone who seriously dislikes me. Obviously, I don’t believe that’s what Muslims actually do.

“It was a very stupid thing to say. It was an idiotic joke – one I’m sorry for.”

Andrew Tate

Tate responded to Davis directly by saying: “There are very few people I personally dislike. One of them is True Geordie.

“He’s not very smart. He’s stupid. After my converting to Islam, he made a piece on one of his podcasts saying I’m not true in my conversion and then insulted all Muslims.”

The row between the pair rumbles on after Davis branded Tate “Mr. Potato Head” and ended his apology by asking viewers to like and subscribe.

He also responded to the Tyson Fury barrage that saw the WBC heavyweight champion give him both barrels.

Davis stated: “A couple of points Tyson made during his argument with me. He said he doesn’t care about legacy. I beg to differ.

“I think the fact that he was named after Mike Tyson tells me that legacy was drilled into him from day one,” said Davis.

“He’s all about legacy. He talks about being the greatest of all time a lot. And he has studied the greats, he often references them, and again, he tripped himself up multiple times by saying that it’s not about legacy but then saying that the reason why he’s doing it is to make history.

“Tyson then refutes that it’s an easy payday for him and his mate and that he’s a fighting man.

“But then why are you on your third autobiography when you’ve only had one life?

True Geordie

“Why do all those speaking tours? Why are you now advertising life insurance? And I may well need that. It would be ironic that Tyson Fury’s life insurance pays out after he kills me.

“I’ve got no problem with Tyson Fury making that money. I love to see a young man who has come from nothing make that money.

“But then don’t just tell us you’re not about that when you’re clearly charging the public for a non-competitive fight.”

An interesting week for the podcaster ended with Gymshark removing their sponsorship of him.

“We do not agree with the comments made by Brian,” they said.

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