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Tyson Fury reveals trilogy record reasoning for Derek Chisora fight

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has revealed why he wants to fight Chisora on December 3.

“The Gypsy King” faced a barrage of questions on a podcast with True Geordie, the ending of which saw Fury ranting at the interviewer and calling him every name under the sun.

But now that the dust has settled, World Boxing News decided to dissect the chat piece by piece to find out what was going on in Fury’s mind.

Reading between the lines was easy. However, the fact Fury had few choices open to him was one of the main talking points.

December 3 is a dead date.

From the outside, Tyson Fury sees December 3 as a dead date. That’s due to negotiations with Anthony Joshua falling apart. Couple that with a clash with Oleksandr Usyk supposedly being agreed for the Middle East in the spring.

The Morecambe man had little else but to stay busy. He confirmed that finding an opponent willing to take the fight was hard despite stating he wanted to make history as the only heavyweight to fight two trilogies.

Therefore, there are two ways to look at the situation. Either Fury found it challenging to nail down a foe, or he always had Chisora on his mind for the third time when the AJ fight proved impossible.

What Fury said to Geordie looks to swing towards a record-breaking feat.

Geordie began the topic by asking Fury why he gave former champion Anthony Joshua a deadline after beating Dillian Whyte in April, not Chisora.

Why is there no Derek Chisora deadline?

“Chisora didn’t get a deadline because he agreed to the fight. Chisora’s got balls,” said Fury. “He stepped up, agreed to everything in the fight, and agreed to everything on the table.”

Geordie then quizzed Fury on Chisora being a challenge due to the utterly one-sided nature of their second bout.

“What is a challenge, though? Getting an opponent is a challenge. That’s the challenge,” pointed out the WBC titleholder.

“First of all, when I made my comeback [from retirement in August], I offered it to Oleksandr Usyk.

“He said he wanted the WBC crown and that gypsies held it. So you want it? – Come and get it.

“He was offered a lot of money that I’m not at liberty to say to fight on December 3. But he said he needed a six-month training camp or some stupidness like that.

“I don’t get involved in the nitty gritty, but he declined it.”

Why is Tyson Fury fighting Chisora?

Davis then pushed on why Fury didn’t wait for Usyk and chose to fight Chisora when nobody wanted to see it.

Fury replied: “Because it’s my career. I’m not going to wait for some Ukrainian dosser. It’s on my terms.

“I run boxing. I don’t dance to somebody else’s tune. Their time will come. When they step up to the plate, they step up to the plate.

“When you get offered a fight by someone [Joshua or Usyk by Fury], and you’re in a position to take it, you’ve got to take it. Because if you don’t, that bird will fly away, and you will lose the opportunity.”

“Usyk beat Joshua quite easily, and Chisora pushed Usyk all the way in a fifty-fifty fight. So if Chisora is no good, then neither is Usyk.”

Interjecting again, Geordie said: “But you beat him with basically one arm behind your back, and he was getting booed last time.”

Having to retort, Fury answered: “That was a long time ago, but I also beat Deontay Wilder twice and did another rematch with him.

“But I can guarantee there would not be one person in the world who would not want to see a fourth fight between Wilder and me.

“I’ve already beaten him three times, but if you want to go out of liberty, then two times and a draw.

“People would want to see that again, right?”

The real reason for Tyson Fury vs Chisora 3

As Davis aired his thoughts on the Chisora trilogy being a money-grab fight, Fury finally revealed his reasoning for wanting the fight.

“I will be the first heavyweight champion in history to complete two trilogies,” outlined the undefeated lineal champion.

“So now you know why it makes sense to fight him. And not some foreign person, nobody knows.

“When you look at the top fifteen, there are a few foreigners in there with undefeated records.

“But when I fight foreigners, they are not interested anyway. So you’re better off with someone who is a household name and who people can relate to and support.

“Who they can sing “Oh, Derek Chisora.” Rather than somebody, you can’t even say the guy’s name you’ve never heard of.”

When choosing an alternative, Fury added, “You pick somebody out of the top fifteen. You pick one.”

Davis brought up the name Joe Joyce, a fighter who said he would and wouldn’t be ready for the date in London through two separate media statements.

“Joe Joyce has just fought Joseph Parker. He even said publicly he wouldn’t be ready for the third [of December].

“Don’t forget we have been through all these names,” concluded Fury.

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