Wladimir Klitschko may soon have to fulfill vow to bear arms for Ukraine


Lawrence Lustig

Wladimir Klitschko may soon face getting forced to fulfill his vow to defend Ukraine from Russian advances if a war gets declared in Europe.

The former heavyweight champion, who reigned supreme until 2015, signed up for Ukraine’s Army Reserves earlier this month.

Klitschko stated he’d do anything asked of him as older brother Vitali oversees the needs of Kyiv as serving Mayor.

Ukraine is on the verge of a gut-wrenching collision with Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Klitschko ready to do everything necessary to back up his sibling.

All the ex-top-division wants to see is a resolution, though.

“I was asked in an RTL TV interview what price Ukrainians are ready to pay for lasting peace,” said Klitschko. “Democracy and freedom have no price!

“It is not about a trade-off. What should we trade peace for – our freedom? This is no either-or choice! Ukraine wants peace, freedom, and sovereignty.”

Earlier, speaking to CNBC after signing up for the forces, Klitschko told reporters: “I signed up as a reserve for the territorial forces, for defending the city of Kyiv.

“Because of everything that is currently going on around Ukraine. The aggression from the Russian side.”



He added: “For weeks if not months, there have been reports on how serious this is. One district from here, my little girl is going to school.

“The school is currently closed because the ambassadors have sent the families home.

“It is the love, the love for my city. It has brought me here today for the love of my home, family, neighbors, and daughter.

“I took this initiative. I am now taking part in this territorial defense.”

Known as “Dr. Steelhammer,” Klitschko is one of the most high-profile sports stars in his home country. He stands alongside Vasyl Lomachenko and Oleksandr Usyk among the most incredible arsenal of boxing talent in recent years.

Ukraine has a rich tradition of fighting. However, when it comes to war, it’s simply a case of fewer conflicts, the better for Klitschko and his brother.

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