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Home » Floyd Mayweather gets rulebook green light to knock YouTuber spark out

Floyd Mayweather gets rulebook green light to knock YouTuber spark out

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Floyd Mayweather is going for the knockout this weekend after a rulebook revelation gave him a free license. It comes on the back of Floyd looking red-hot in training.

In the latest and most unlikely installment of the Youtube boxing attempt to enter the mainstream, “Money,” Mayweather steps out of retirement on June 6 in Miami.

It might have been an event that Mayweather would not have taken too seriously, given his unblemished 50-0 record, but all that changed when a huge paycheck came calling.

Denis Douglin, a former contender who is Mayweather’s long-time training partner, the outcome is being taken seriously.

Having previously thought his sparring mate would not have trained too intensely, Douglin reveals trained harder than ever in the gym.

Douglin believes the former world champion’s motivation has been stirred.

“I think Floyd thought taking his hat was disrespectful. It looks like it has lit a fire under him from what I saw at the gym,” the Betway Insider blog.

“I was very impressed. I think that had to do with [the press conference] p*****g him off.

“Floyd’s one of the greatest in the world – but I didn’t think that he was going to train intensely for this. But now they’ve p****d him off, so he’s turning it up.

“What I saw from Floyd was very impressive.

Floyd Mayweather Denis Douglin

“I was blown away. I expected him to do a cookie-cutter workout, shadowbox, and spar someone really bad to stay active. That’s what I was expecting.

“But I came into the gym at around midnight [one night], and the energy and atmosphere in the gym felt like a real Mayweather fight. Floyd looked great, man – he didn’t miss a beat.

“Still cocky, still having fun, still crafty – it was a real sight to see. Watching him get rounds of sparring, hitting the bag, on the pads – he had great energy. I learned a lot just watching that.”


“Floyd was to be the best in the world, and he retired. So while he’s not taking this fight as seriously as a real fight against Errol Spence, for example, he’s taking it as seriously as he needs to for what this fight is, which is for a kid who’s a little bit crazy and disrespectful, who does not understand the craft of boxing.

“Floyd’s going to teach him boxing’s an art. It does not matter if you’re bigger than me or stronger than me because I have boxing skills.

“Floyd is one of the best technicians in the sport, and I feel Floyd is taking that seriously.

“He needs to show this kid boxing is about skills and not just a fight – it’s a science. 100 percent he’s going to make him pay.”


Douglin’s description is good news as Floyd Mayweather outlined the rules of his comeback fight this.

There’ll be no judges, but knockouts will be allowed in the fight.

Someone’s getting KO’d…and it’s not Floyd Mayweather.