Trevor Bryan offer opens Mike Tyson attempt at George Foreman record

Mike Tyson George Foreman

World Boxing Council

Mike Tyson will have the chance to obliterate George Foreman’s oldest heavyweight champion record if the former ruler accepts an offer from Trevor Bryan.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” was signed out by WBA secondary belt holder Bryan as a possible challenger to the crown.

If Tyson accepts Bryan’s offer following a meeting with ex-promoter Don King last week, “Iron” Mike could smash Foreman’s record by a decade.

Foreman was 45 when he defeated Michael Moorer to win the sport’s biggest prize in 1993. Tyson turns 55 on June 30th.

Outling his plan, Bryan stated he’s willing to put his title on the line against Tyson before targeting the Tyson Fury vs. Anthony Joshua winner – if that fight goes ahead.

“WBA Heavyweight Champion Trevor Bryan is chomping at the bit to take on all comers as he continues training in Florida following winning the title,” said Bryan.

“I’m the only heavyweight champion in the United States. I’m the young lion, and I’m hungry.

Mike Tyson Trevor Bryan
Joe Scarnici / Don King

“Bring on Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. I’ll take their belts and become the undisputed heavyweight champion.

“I’ll even give Iron Mike Tyson the opportunity to come back and fight me for my title.

“I’m more than ready, so let’s get it on. We are ready to go. I’ll take on Mike Tyson for a tune-up, and then I’ll fight either Joshua or Fury the same night.”


King added: “Let’s make a deal. Trevor is ready to get back into the ring and claim the other belts.”

Tyson vs. Bryan is a shocking twist in an already static heavyweight division. The two bonafide champions have stalled the weight class for months.

Talk of an undisputed unification has gone on forever. Therefore, Tyson gaining a shot – even if it is the regular version, would certainly spike interest.

Whether he has any hope whatsoever in his mid-fifties is another story entirely. Bryan is 24 years his junior at 31.

Despite this, Bryan is by far the weakest boxer holding any championship. It would be a Cinderella Story even to see Tyson in the same ring.

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