Tragic Maxim Dadashev death, the eleventh in ten years, hits boxing hard

Maxim Dadashev

📸 Mikey Williams

Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev had a promising career ahead of him until his life was cut short at the tender age of 28 this week.

Dadashev was pulled out of his fight with Subriel Matias at the MGM National Harbor, Oxon Hill, after the eleventh round.

Trainer Buddy McGirt pleaded with Dadashev to agree to end the contest after his fighter took too many punches to the head.

Initially praised for potentially saving Dadashev’s life, tragedy struck days later as the super-lightweight lost his final battle. McGirt had done all he could live in vain.

The obvious outcry from those outside the sport has happened in the aftermath as Dadashev becomes the eleventh high-profile death over the past decade.

Top boxing authority figures at the WBC and Top Rank released statements on Dadashev’s passing.

“The World Boxing Council and its President Mauricio Sulaiman, lament the death of Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev, who was NABF champion.

“Maxim passed away due to an injury suffered last Friday in a fight against Puerto Rican Subriel Matías.

“Dadashev did not come out to fight for round 12, as his coach, James ‘Bubby’ McGirt, stopped the fight.

“The entire WBC joins Maxim’s family, offering its deepest sympathy at this very sad time.”

Top Rank added: “We are devastated to report that Maxim Dadashev passed away earlier this morning due to injuries sustained during last Friday’s bout.

“Maxim was a talented fighter inside the ring and a loving husband and father outside the ropes. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Said Top Rank Chairman Bob Arum: “Maxim was a terrific young man. We are all saddened and affected by his untimely death.”

Since 2009, the sport has been asked serious questions over why ten other fighters have died.

In 2011, Roman Simakov died of brain injuries after collapsing after his fight with Sergey Kovalev in Russia.

2012 saw Muhammad Afrizal and Bae Ki-suk both passed away days after their bouts.

Michael Norgrove and Francisco Leal were the next tragedies in 2013.

It was three years until Mike Towell died in September 2016, a loss that once again sparked a debate over boxing safety. Tests before Towell’s fight revealed the Scotsman might not have been fit to box in the first place.

Two further devastations hit boxing in 2017 with two Canadians David Whittom and Tim Hague.

Briton Scott Westgarth and Christian Daghio in 2018 led up this week’s events with Dadashev.


It’s yet another indication of the dangers boxers go through every time they step between the ropes and is yet again a sobering fact.

Despite a life-threatening profession, fighters are still subjected to gutless abuse each day on social media.

Only the pugilists themselves know the mental anguish that comes with knowing every fight could be your last.

WBN would like to offer our condolences to the family of Maxim at this sad time.

The Russian Boxing Federation has already pledged to help relatives with Dadashev’s funeral costs.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up for Maxim’s family HERE

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay