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Home » Fans question Michael Buffer for ‘Matchroom’ Wilder v Fury tweets

Fans question Michael Buffer for ‘Matchroom’ Wilder v Fury tweets

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Legendary MC Michael Buffer was the subject of a social media exchange on Friday as the boxing super-fan expressed his views on Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury.

The December 1 WBC heavyweight title fight has been highly praised since the pair fought out a draw in Los Angeles.

With several nominations and awards for Fight of the Year, Wilder v Fury was one for the ages.

But Buffer took time to point out some negativity in the attendance figures. After reading a report by the California State Athletic Commission, Buffer ‘expressed his shock at the poor turnout’ for Wilder v Fury.

In response, many fans joked whether it was Matchroom Boxing or even promoter Eddie Hearn who was controlling his account.

“This is shocking. I’ve just been told that WILDER-FURY at STAPLES CENTER in L.A. only had a paid attendance of 13,000 (w/600 comps) out of 18,000 seats. That’s 5000 unsold tix!” pointed out Buffer.

“Thank god 1,000s of loyal UK fans were there. I’m sure the rematch’ll do better!

“Can you imagine what AJ vs Fury or Wilder would do at Wembley! OMG! They could sell seats in helicopters over the stadium! The ring walks alone could sell as separate PPV buys!

“Oh well, let’s hope for the future!”

Asked why he’d gone out of his way to share the information, Buffer (???? Lawrence Lustig) – who has an exclusive deal with DAZN to call Matchroom shows after staving off retirement, attempted to diffuse the situation.

“(The) California State Athletic Commission (has) public records for tax purposes. Hey, what’s the problem? It was a great fight (that’s why I’m shocked) and the rematch will be huge! This heavyweight division is awesome!

“The haters out there are on me for some reason! Seems like I can’t express shock at a poor turnout for a big fight,” he added.


An exchange then followed with Ernie Gabion of manufacturing giants Everlast.

Gabion asked: “Were you there? If so then you must have missed all sections of Staples being filled with fans. May not have been a sellout BUT there wasn’t 5000 empty seats that night!”

Buffer responded: “Read carefully..I said “UNSOLD” not empty. All events including big fights have complimentary attendance. Mayweather vs McGregor-the biggest grossing fight in history-did NOT sell out! Love Ya, Ernie.”

Gabion then said: “So out of curiosity where do you think those 5000 unsold tickets went? I was there the house was packed to the 300 section so unless they literally gave away those 5000 unsold tickets the numbers given to you were wrong.”

Finally, Buffer stated: “The commission lists six hundred and change as complimentary but obviously there was more! One thing for sure, the UK fans were there in force!

“They support their faves like no others-They travel, are passionate/vocal & get there early! (I’d) Love (the Wilder v Fury) rematch in Etihad Stadium or Wembley!”


Some of the quips by the paying public made for interesting reading. Many of which Buffer responded to.

“I think what’s more shocking is that Frank Smith (Matchroom Chief Executive) controls your twitter account,” said one.

Another added: “What member of Matchroom told you that and what member of Matchroom then posted this?”

Others included: “Eddie Hearn forgot to switch accounts again” and “The ‘Buffer’ account is a Hearn shill account not to be taken too seriously.”