Liam Cameron has licence suspended following failed drug test, denies taking cocaine

Liam Cameron

Commonwealth middleweight champion Liam Cameron is facing being stripped of his title after a drug test following his win over Nicky Jenman came back positive.

The Sheffield man, who has 21 wins and five losses on his professional record, was found to have a ‘cocaine-type’ substance in his body after winning via second round knockout.

Cameron has since vowed to prove his innocence after having his licence suspended pending further investigation.

“I have nothing to hide. There are even suggestions I might have taken cocaine,” Cameron told Bob Westerdale of the Sheffield Star. “That’s rubbish, I’ve never taken anything like that in my life.

“I would rather be stripped of the title, go out on my shield, and then prove my innocence. Then I will come back and win it again.”

Cameron blamed toothache medication given to him following dental work, by adding: “I had a right bad toothache before the fight and was given a course of antibiotics.

“My body reacted to that by producing a very small amount of metabolic acid which seems the most likely cause of the test results.

“People will say what they want. But I am not that stupid to take cocaine or anything else a few days before a fight,” he added.

The 27 year-old faces a huge setback in his career if any suspension is unheld having found considerable momentum following wins over Sam Sheedy and then Jenman in April.

Linked to massive domestic fights at 160, Cameron is staring at an immediate future without the title once the Commonwealth Boxing Council conclude their findings.

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