Reporter clarifies: I didn’t say Mayweather v McGregor 2 was confirmed, there’s no pen to paper

Journalist Omar Al Raisi was asked to clarify his report on a Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor rematch going down in the octagon.

Al Raisi tweeted over the weekend stating an agreement was in place between Mayweather and McGregor for what is effectively a glorified boxing match under highly modified MMA rules.

Should they fight in an eight-sided arena, McGregor wouldn’t be allowed to kick, elbow or take down Mayweather as they traded leather in 4oz gloves and without footwear.

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Speaking in regards to his tweets, Al Raisi told the SiriusXM Boxing Radio Show: “What I’m trying to say is, number one I’m not claiming that the fight is confirmed, absolutely not.

“Whether there’ll be takedowns, elbow, or ground game – these are certain things that Floyd has stated, if a rematch happens it will be in the octagon with four-ounce gloves to build up interest, or else no one’s gonna buy it.

“Both parties have not agreed. There’s no pen to paper. These are certain things that were discussed. It went back and forth.

“We saw Floyd confirm it on Showtime. Dana White himself said the fight has a big chance to happen in the UFC and there is big money for Floyd Mayweather to accept it.”

The reception Al Raisi’s statements have received should be a warning sign to Mayweather that he may need a re-think his plans, as part of the appeal of the second fight was to see if the former pound for pound king could hack it fighting McGregor under strict UFC guidelines.

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