The majority of punters backing Tyson Fury to defy the odds, beat Anthony Joshua in future clash

Despite there being a lot of support for Anthony Joshua in recent years, a far larger portion of people are backing Tyson Fury to come out on top, which is only made more intriguing from the fact of Fury’s clear controversial reaction from a hefty section of boxing fans.

The fight between these two masters of the sport could still end up not happening but plenty of bookmakers have already provided odds for either boxer to win.

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In the run-up to what could result as being one of the most decisive meeting of this generation’s selection of top level boxers, we see what the odds are saying this early in advance, and why Tyson Fury could be so favourable to such a large number of followers: What the odds say Rumours currently point towards Fury and Joshua meeting either on Saturday 30th June 2018 or on Monday 31st December 2018.

Whether it happens could be determined by several things, including the uncertainty of Anthony Joshua even being active by then, as Eddie Hearn has also hinted that AJ could be set to retire before the two would clash.

It’s no surprise to see that Anthony Joshua is current favourite to win, with him priced up at odds of 4/6 and seven bookmakers already providing their own price on that market.

Tyson Fury is best priced at odds of 6/4 but has been backed by over 50% of those who’ve already chosen their tip for the fight, which is a genuine shock, leaving Anthony Joshua backed at just under 40%. Tyson Fury keeping the spirit of a pantomime villain alive in boxing.

We can only imagine that it’s the comical element that’s made Tyson Fury more desirable to get behind than the man he faces. There’s already been some damning comments from The Gypsy King, as he’s referred to Anthony Joshua as a ‘s***house’ and notably posted out a shoddy impression of him a couple of years back.

Not only that, but Fury is clearly up for the fight, stating he’d ‘box the head off’ of Anthony Joshua if the two met in the ring.