Chris Eubank Jr. opens up on Nick Blackwell two years on

Chris Eubank Jr Nick Blackwell


Chris Eubank Jr. has opened up further on his continued mental battle with what tragically happened to former opponent Nick Blackwell.

The pair met in an ill-fated contest back in March 2016, which ended the career of the then British champion.

Blackwell was rushed to hospital in a bad way and almost lost his life due to injuries suffered at the hands of Eubank Jr.

Two years on, and Eubank Jr. says the fight still plays on his mind.

“I still think about it. Nick, at one point, did die — he was brought back to life with an adrenaline shot to his heart. When you think about that, it is surreal — it’s hard to wrap your head around. You were the guy that did that to another person. That’s not the objective — no one is going out there to…’ Kill? ‘It’s do or die,” Eubank Jr. told the London Evening Standard.

Coincidentally, Father Chris Sr. was involved in a similar and more high-profile tragedy against Michael Watson in 1991, resulting in life-changing injuries.

Eubank Jr. said he learned from what his father went through as the effects of the Watson encounter were carried with Senior until the end of his career.

‘He said he didn’t have the same ferocity (after Michael Watson). It took something away from him. He wouldn’t like to finish, guys. He always had it in the back of his mind. If he were winning, he’d rather coast than go in for the kill.” he explained.

“The situation made me more ferocious. I understand now that this stuff really can happen — it wasn’t a film, it wasn’t a book or a story. I was involved in a fight where a guy’s career has just gone.

“So I know how easily it could have been me; I know how easy it is to happen. I have so much more that I want to achieve in the sport. I’ve got to go full steam ahead to keep myself safe,” added Eubank Jr.

In a sad twist, Blackwell almost fully recovered from his sustained beating at the hands of Eubank Jr., only to suffer an even more serious recurrence when sparring against doctors advice some months later.