Legend Prince Naseem in shock Chris Eubank Jr. retirement rant

Boxing legend Prince Naseem Hamed has been accused of being inebriated on live TV after suggesting Chris Eubank Jr. should retire at the age of 28.

Appearing to be rambling after the fight, fans took to social media to question whether ‘Naz’ had been enjoying one or two beverages as the former world champion continually interrupted fellow analyst Duke McKenzie.

Naz had said during his ITV Box Office stint: “You’re either good at boxing or you’re not. Reality is tonight and reality hits home hard


“It’s just such a shame that somebody can be built up to win some kind of belt like that and then make out you’re this superhuman guy and ‘Next-Gen’ and walking in these houses making out you’re going to buy them and all this stuff because you’re going to knock George out – it didn’t happen.

“I just think that this guy is not on the level he thinks he is. I think he’s in dream world. You know what, I know this sounds terrible, I think he should finish.

“I personally don’t think right that he’s a hard puncher anyway. In this game you need a get out of jail card. You need to be able to put them away. You need to smash them up.

“He threw the kitchen sink at George Groves tonight and he didn’t do anything to him.

“I’d prefer him to finish. I don’t want to see him get hurt anymore,” he added.

Whilst some fans worried about Naseem’s state of mind, others found it quite amusing and refreshing.