Joshua ‘spokesperson’ confirms Chambers ‘superior race’ messages were sent from official account, ‘will be looked into internally’

Phil Jay 19/11/2017

Recent messages sent to Eddie Chambers usual racial tones have been confirmed as sent from Anthony Joshua’s verified Instagram account, according to The Daily Star.

Random DM’s to Chambers’ in which he was called ‘a bum’ and ‘a bitch’ came out of the blue, as revealed by the American fighter late last week. 

One shocking message labelled Chambers ‘a disgrace to the superior black race’ – something that has since caused some outrage amongst the boxing fraternity.

A ‘spokesperson’ for Joshua has now told The Daily Star (who first reported it was a fake account with over 4 million followers) that an investigation will be launched to find out who sent Chambers the insults.

“It would appear that his Instagram has been compromised. Chambers is not even on AJ’s radar so we are looking in to how this has happened and who is responsible,” The AJ spokesperson said, according to The Daily Star.

“Sadly this is not the first time it has happened and no doubt will not be the last.

“This will now be looked in to fully internally,” they added.

Quite a confusing situation as Chambers proved the messages were real right off the bat, although no media picked up on what is certainly a worrying occurrence.

Tyson Fury even questioned whether why the mainstream UK media failed to act and give column inches to what happened via Joshua’s account, even claiming certain publications had been ‘locked down’ from reporting it.

Joshua had released a couple of out-of-character social media posts prior to the Chambers incident, which he had confirmed came from himself, although this time around was the victim of a serious hacking as he continues to enjoy a holiday in Dubai.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay

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