Watch: Tony Bellew claims David Haye is ‘robbing the British public’

Immediately after dispatching BJ Flores in fine style, there’s no doubting where Tony Bellew’s thoughts were heading in Liverpool.

The WBC cruiserweight champion turned his attention to David Haye, a Sky Sports analyst for the night, as he bids to secure a career-high payday for 2017.

Bellew, 33, took just three rounds to take out Flores before jumping ringside for the ex-world champion in the hope of enticing a mega-fight on pay-per-view.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has already stated his intention to make the contest happen and Bellew left no stone unturned when calling on Haye to accept the challenge.

Accusing Haye of ‘being a con man’ and ‘robbing the public by fight nightclub doormen’, Bellew played all his cards right to heighten interest in a heavyweight contest.

Haye looked bemused at times, but whether he will accept Bellew as an opponent next year is another story, although the ball is firmly in his court.