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Home » Exclusive: Jabbr AI stats launch shows Usyk clearly beat Fury

Exclusive: Jabbr AI stats launch shows Usyk clearly beat Fury

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Artificial Intelligence stats from the Usyk vs Fury fight prove the Ukrainian did more than enough to defeat the former champion.

AI live-stats company Jabbr spoke to World Boxing News for an exclusive interview after revealing figures from its launch at Saturday’s fight.

The statistics, number-crunched by Jabbr AI live for the undisputed heavyweight title fight, show Oleksandr Usyk was the winner without any argument for a split decision.

Tyson Fury threw more punches than Usyk in the fight, which nobody can deny. However, the 35-year-old landed far less and was considerably behind on high-impact punches and pressure. Usyk also had the upper hand in aggression throughout the fight.

Explaining how the Usyk vs. Fury bout transpired, a Jabbr representative told WBN: “Fury had most of his success with his jab to the head and with his hooks to the body, though he did also score a couple of nasty high and max impact uppercuts in there as well, see the Sankey diagram.

“Usyk had more variance in his game; he was landing high and max impact shots from many different types of punches from both singles and extended 2-3-4 punch combinations.

“The middle rounds looked fairly even on the punch stats as a whole, whereas the later rounds clearly favored Usyk.”

Those later rounds are what seems to be a big point of debate. WBN scored the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th to the Ukrainian. Fury got the twelfth as he desperately tried to go for the knockout.

The Jabbr spokesperson revealed more about how the stats system worked to WBN.

“To us, last night was huge. It’s been a more than three years-long research project to get to where we are now. To the best of our knowledge, this was the first time in history that AI live-stats was officially used in combat sports, it’s been a marathon fight to get here!

“The company was founded by a math PhD and human-action-activity AI R&D engineer, Allan Svejstrup, who dabbled in the sport as a teenager and has been a fan ever since. He developed the tech with money from an angel investor for the initial two years. Now we’re a lot bigger with eight full-time hires and three part-time. All of us are engineers and fight fans or active practitioners.

“We see the premiere yesterday as just the beginning. Our goal is to make automated fight stats and video production available to every gym and every small-midsized venue out there. For that we’re building the Jabbr Cam. You can see the prototype animations up on the website. We believe the Jabbr Cam will be a game-changer to the sport.”

Fury gaining a split decision was clearly a stretch by judge Craig Metcalfe, whom fans have called to explain how he scored the fight for the ex-lineal ruler.

World Boxing News carded 116-111 to Usyk in an undebatable and undeniable victory.

Visit the Jabbr website to learn more about the technology that could be a game-changer in the sport.

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