Mosley on UK sparring offer: Brook was down, Gavin was a bitch!

Shane Mosley

Tom Casino

Boxing legend ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley offered to hold sparring sessions with British welterweights Kell Brook and Frankie Gavin on Wednesday but was surprised that one of the fighters turned down his advances.

The American is in the United Kingdom on a promotional tour and planned to spend time in the ring with IBF title challenger Gavin before champion Brook as the two prepare to face each other on May 30 in London.

Whilst Brook accepted Mosley’s proposal, Gavin spurned the opportunity so to not conflict with his focus on the fight as the former European champion stated that he didn’t want training for the biggest fight of his life turned into a sideshow.

“I’m in the professional boxing game (and) I have a huge fight coming up. (This is) no time to be messing around,” said Gavin.

“I am going to go (and) spar someone who is sparring my opponent three hours later? (I) don’t think so. It’s the punching game not a circus act,” he added.

Veteran Mosley response to Gavin’s refusal was pretty blunt as the three-weight world title holder stated: “I’m sparring Kell Brook tomorrow (Wednesday). (The) dude turned out to be down and Frankie Gavin turned out to be a bitch.”

Mosley, 43, has a professional record of 47-9-1 but has been out of the ring since losing to Australian Anthony Mundine due to a back injury in November 2013.