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Lennox Lewis annoyed at Facebook as hackers take over account

After being hacked on the platform, former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis wants action from Facebook owners Meta.

Lewis, who reigned supreme as the best top-division puncher of his generation, complained about the lack of movement and contact.

“The Pugilist Specialist” has been unable to access his channel for some months after hackers began sharing random videos to his one million plus followers.

Lennox Lewis hacked on Facebook

Annoyed at the situation, Lewis – an avid Facebook user – asked for help unblocking his account.

“What happened to the Facebook or Meta sports teams? We’ve been locked out of my Facebook fan page for almost two months,” said Lewis.

“How do I reach anyone over there now?”

It has been a substantial time since the plea from Lewis, and nothing is still done about the takeover of his platform. Clips regarding life fixes and help with DIY still appear at regular intervals.

Since wanting answers, Lewis has refrained from using Twitter, another platform where he likes interacting with his fans.

Providing his “Lennoxisms” from his home in Jamaica is a mainstay of the retired boxer’s social media. However, losing his most considerable following must be a huge annoyance for the ex-champ.

One of the best

Revered as one of the top ten heavyweights of all time, Lewis bulldozed his way to fame and fortune in an era he had no right to in the United States.

Having to play the bad guy due to his British and Canadian roots, Lewis defeated the great Evander Holyfield, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson, and made Riddick Bowe run a mile.

In the final days of the significant American era, Lewis took them all out and signaled the start of European domination that continued until 2015.

Deontay Wilder was able to become the first US puncher since Shannon Briggs to win a version of the heavyweight crown. However, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua ensured the European flavor remained in the picture.

Oleksandr Usyk has continued that trend as Wilder got pushed out by Fury, not once but twice. Lewis, alongside old rival Frank Bruno, put the UK firmly back on the 200 pounds plus map, though.

They recently hooked up for the first time in years as Lewis welcomed Bruno to his home country. Lewis defeated Bruno in a battle of Britain taking place in Cardiff back in the early nineties.

The win represented a changing of the guard.

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