Boxing results from Tokyo, Japan and Canberra, Australia

World Boxing News provides boxing results from December 10th and 11th for events held in Japan and Australia. Eric Armit reports.

10 December

Tokyo Japan: Super Light: Daishi Nagata (15-2-2) TEC DRAW 7 Akihiro Kondo (32-9-2).

Nagata retains the Japanese title with technical draw against Kondo. After some hectic action over the first five rounds the youth and speed of southpaw Nagata had him up 48-47 on two cards and 49-46 on the third. Kondo was getting stronger and pressing hard but in the sixth a clash of heads opened a gash over Nagata’s left eye. In the seventh the injury was bleeding heavily and the fight was stopped with the result being decided on the score cards. One judge had Nagata in front 67-66 but the other two had them even at 67-67. First defence of the title for Nagata, 30, who was 61-25 as an amateur. Kondo, 35, a former Japanese lightweight champion. lost to Sergey Lipinets for the vacant IBF super light title in 2017

11 December

Canberra, Australia: Feather: Brock Jarvis (18-0) W KO 5 Mark Schleibs (12-1). Light: Jacob Ng (14-0) W TKO 5 Hunter Ioane (8-1-1).

Jarvis vs. Schleibs

Jarvis just too much for smaller and less experienced Schleibs. Jarvis used his trade mark body attacks to wear down Schleibs. It was silly of Schleibs to come in at 121 ½ lbs giving away 4lbs to the bigger and stronger Jarvis. Schleibs did well to last as long as he did as he was being weakened from the start by body punches and it was over in the fifth when a left hook dropped him to his hands and knees. First fight at featherweight for 23-year-old Jarvis who collects the IBF Pan Pacific and WBO Global belts with his sixteenth win by KO/TKO. The Jeff Fenech-trained fighter is emerging as one of the best young fighters in Australia and is ready to move onto the world stage. Jarvis much too big an ask for former Australian bantam champion Schleibs.

Ng vs. Ione

Ng gets off the floor to stop Ioane in a terrific scrap. The feeling was that as with Schleibs Ioane was trying to take too big a step up. It did not look that way in the first round when Ioane connected with a huge right cross that dumped Ng on the floor on his back. Somehow Ng just climbed straight up to his feet and after the count took the fight to Ioane. From there the two just knocked lumps off each other in round after round of terrific action. Ng repaid Ioane by flooring him twice with rights and after Ioane was sent staggering back by a series of head punches in the fifth the referee stopped the fight. The 26-year-old 5’ 11 ½” tall Gold Coast fighter was defending the IBF International and WBO Oriental titles. He has eleven wins by KO/TKO and is No 10 with the IBF. Ioane has five wins by KO/TKO and he almost made it six with that right in the first round.