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Boxing Nutrition: Timing your food intake can make a difference

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While what we eat can have a significant impact on how we feel, when we eat is equally important. Often the low energy levels that people feel throughout the day are a result of poor meal timing.

For example, eating patterns that involve skipping meals may contribute to mood swings by causing fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Food restriction can lead to binge eating, bigger emotional responses, poor concentration, increased stress, and an overall lower sense of well-being.


Depression has been shown to develop in people with disordered eating who frequently restrict food. The optimal way to fuel your body is to space meals and snacks 3 to 4 hours apart and choose a healthy protein and carbohydrate source at each meal. offers a look inside the different components that make up a healthy eating plan. Visit the link to ensure you are getting a variety of healthy foods for a healthy body and mind.

Next time you eat, pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Perhaps you’ll begin to notice you’re in a better mood and have more energy after eating a healthy meal. Remember to eat a variety of foods and space your meals and snacks throughout the day.