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Home » Vargas vs Johns added to Rockin’ Fights 37 on November 23

Vargas vs Johns added to Rockin’ Fights 37 on November 23

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Unlike the glory years of boxing, these days it is not often that two young stars, with perfect records and future aspirations of world title contention, take the risk to fight one another so early in their respective careers.

This statement is a testament to the desire of greatness for both ALEX “EL TORO” VARGAS (Bellport, NY 4-0 1KO) and DASHAUN “TOOSWEET” JOHNS (Bronx, NY 2-0 1KO). Vargas and Johns will battle to keep their undefeated records when they fight on Star Boxing’s show on November 23rd.

The fight will be part of a great undercard to the championship (WBC and ABO), grudge rematch between DANNY “EL GALLO” GONZALEZ (Woodhaven. NY 18-2-1 7KO’s) and JOHNNY “HITMAN” HERNANDEZ (Huntington, NY 10-4 1KO) at The Paramount in Huntington, NY as part of the “Rockin’ Fights” Series (#RF37).

Both Vargas and Johns are active in their communities and represent themselves with extreme character and authenticity. Both were decorated amateur fighters, Vargas a 2013 New York Golden Gloves Champion and Johns a Title National Champion.

Both also have huge fan bases that will be competing on the noise meter at the Paramount. However, make no mistake, on November 23, chivalry will have no place in the ring; New York bragging rights as well as a perfect record are on the line. Both fighters have made it very clear that they know what is at stake as “someone’s 0 must go!”.

“I’m really excited for this and I’m ready for it” said Vargas. “Two undefeated fighters both from New York has a lot of bragging rights.” Alex Vargas has proven the ability to rise to the moment over his first four fights at The Paramount. His loud and colorful fan base continues to grow, and creates an entertaining atmosphere, fight after fight. As for what those fans can expect come November 23, “they can expect a very exciting, but smart fought fight. I won’t be the one taking my first loss.”

Vargas’ comments did not go unheard by Dashaun Johns. “Come fight night, he better keep that same energy,” said Johns. Returning to The Paramount for the third time, Johns is prepared to put on a show for his fans and knows a fight of this caliber, at this point in his career, could be a defining moment. “Champions are created inside and out of the gym,” said Johns. “To be the best you have to fight the best. This is my legacy! The time is now.”

“Rockin’ Fights” 37 is promoted by Star Boxing on a thrilling night of fights from The Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, featuring a WBC title doubleheader.
JOE DEGUARDIA, President of Star Boxing stated “This is what makes the Paramount so special. It is a throwback to the glory days of boxing, where fighters can develop in an atmosphere that prepares them for mega-fights since they become accustomed to pressure-cooker situations early in their career.

“Two warriors, under the lights in a packed house, fighting to keep their undefeated records. This is like a world championship fight for them and provides the experience needed for future success. They are both winners and will benefit from this experience, and I applaud them both for having the desire to succeed”.