Tyson Fury: BBBofC say onus is on Tyson as Peter Fury reiterates desire to leave c**** behind

The 28 year-old has some explaining to do regarding a failed drug test in the past, although Fury recently decided to wipe his hands of dealing with the UK body.

Instead, Fury stated he would look into the possibility of being sanctioned elsewhere, although the Board are still hopeful ‘2 Fast’ will resolve the matter with them.

In order to do this, Fury must set a date with an independent panel to review the ongoing issue. Only then will Fury be able to resume his career with the BBBofC.

“It’s quite simple, Fury’s legal team need to agree a date,” Smith exclusively told Sky Sports.

“At the present time, as I am standing here now, it hasn’t been agreed.

“We are ready to go. UKAD do all our anti-doping for us, they have an independent panel that is dealing with the case and we are trying to get a date finalised. But we are unable to do so because they [Fury’s legal team] haven’t confirmed one.

“Of course we want it done. We are as frustrated as anybody else, because I get questions about Fury on a regular basis, but ultimately it is up to them.

“We are ready to go, UKAD are ready to go on our behalf, and the independent panel are waiting for a confirmed date. It’s up to them now.”

Billy Joe Saunders, a close friend of Fury, recently told WBN he expects the one-time top division ruler to make peace with Smith’s organization and return to the ring in the coming year.

“I speak to Tyson on a daily basis and he’s in a good place, he’s ticking along nicely,” Saunders exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He’s currently just sorting out a few boxing issues before he hits the gym. I’ve been telling him, he needs to get back into the gym as he already knows.

“I’m sure they (BBBoC and Fury) will sort something out,” he added.

Peter Fury, who agrees with Tyson on leaving the British Board behind, tweeted over the last few days reiterating the fact (in no uncertain terms) that Team Fury remain focused on finding an alternative way back.

“Being a Fury means ‘you get fake charges’ that last eternity whilst others get on. (We) have harder wars with officials than boxers,” said Peter.

“However, we (are) climbing back in 2018 to fight the boxing political arena and claim titles that should be in the family. Racism shouldn’t be!

“We need a governing body going forward that backs us and it ain’t going to be this shower of c****!

“The only help we need is from our own. No one else. Big fights will happen everything else will follow,” he added.

Concluding his interview with Sky Sports, Smith stated he has nothing against Fury and hopes he does make a return, like most in the sport.

“We want Tyson Fury to come back fit and healthy, in the right circumstances,” he said.

“At the present time, he has a few things going on, so he needs those things resolved. Once they’re resolved and he is a position to do so, we want to make sure he’s healthy.

“There a lot of stories out there about his health, physically and mentally, but the most important thing is him. Boxing comes second.

“But if we are able to consider him boxing again, we want that to happen.”