Watch: Floyd Mayweather blasts today’s fighters, warns they can’t replicate his PPV star power

Floyd Mayweather

Ed Diller

Floyd Mayweather says there will never be another fighter like him as the former pound for pound king nears a comeback from two years out of the ring.

The 40 year-old, who is hoping to fight UFC champion Conor McGregor in a cross-codes boxing match this September, has warned any of the current crop of world-rated fighters they won’t be able to come close to his achievements.

Speaking via his usual method of, Mayweather pointed out his past sacrifices and warned today’s contenders that only dedication will suffice in making it to the top.

“What’s goes on with these fighters in today’s time, these fighters want Floyd Mayweather money, but they don’t want to put in the Floyd Mayweather work. For me it really was blood, sweat and tears. I really, really bust my ass to get to where I got to,” Mayweather told Luis Sandoval on the platform.

“I visualize my career and what I went through. When I was with Top Rank, I never cried or complained.

“Bruce Trampler, the matchmaker, he would tell you I’d go into the office and put my name on the board and they’d say, ‘Floyd, you have a date (and) we can’t afford to pay you.’

“I said, ‘It doesn’t matter – what can you afford to pay me?’ They said, ‘All we can give you is $7500 or $10,000’ and I’d say, ‘Give it to me’ because I seen the bigger picture. All these guys, they want everything right now. They like, ‘I want this, I want that, I want what Floyd Mayweather get.

“You don’t have Floyd Mayweather star power. It takes more than just being a knockout artist. You need to have that swag and an aura. There’s different things you need to have to be Floyd Mayweather.

“There’s only one Floyd Mayweather, and you best believe, there won’t be another.

“So don’t let your coach or your trainer blow smoke up your ass and say you’re the next Floyd Mayweather. Don’t believe it because there’s only one Floyd Mayweather.

“There’s only one fighter out there that broke all the records. And if the records gonna get broken again, guess who’s gonna break them again? – Voila!”