Jermell Charlo discusses challenger Charles Hatley confronting his brother by mistake

It was a surreal moment in May 2016 as Jermall Charlo defeated Austin Trout in Las Vegas, Nevada to retain his world super-welterweight title.

At the time, Charlo was unaware the current WBC number one contender Charles Hatley was planning to confront him after the fight.

The only problem was, Charlo was the wrong twin brother and Hatley should have been getting his point across to Jermell, not Jermall.

Given that it’s quite an easy mistake to make as the Charlo’s are identical, Jermell has revealed they did have a chuckle about it after the event.

Jermell is now set to trade blows with Hatley on April 22 in the first defense of his green belt and plans to give the number one contender some extra punishment for his error.

“I don’t care about that what that guy is doing. That’s not something that’s on the back of my mind. I couldn’t care less about that,” pointed out Charlo.

“You jump in the ring and you almost started something or caused something to be worse than what it is all because you trying to really just put on a front. Put that front on in front of someone else.

“I’m glad nothing erupted and got even crazier because we got different type of people in our life that don’t allow stuff like that to happen. I’m glad that it didn’t get more dangerous or serious than that. But, he does have to eat a few jabs to the mouth for that.

“We laughed on the plane and that was it. We were like look at this guy. We’re so used to stuff like that. Different people they don’t know us apart. So I mean I’ve been dealing with that all my life.

“So we kind of had a little laugh and were like okay you didn’t know us apart but at the same time why do you disrespect us.

“I could say that you’re wrong for it and you got problems. Or I’m going to make you pay. But I don’t take it that seriously,” he added.