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Home » Photo: Lie detector results back up Shane Mosley steroid claims

Photo: Lie detector results back up Shane Mosley steroid claims

Mosley tested negative for any banned substances at the time of the fight, which he won via unanimous decision, and was linked to the BALCO athlete doping scandal due to his brief dealings with Victor Conte.

Bouts undertaken subsequently by Mosley still have a shadow over them due to admissions that substances were taken as part of workouts, but which the Californian has always maintained he never knowingly took.

WBN has now been able to obtain a copy of a polygraph taken by ‘Sugar’ Shane thirteen years ago that shows truthful results given by the ex-world champion in a letter from William E. Kelly of the National Polygraph Association to attorney Judd Burstein.

mosley poly

Four questions were asked by Kelly to Mosley – which all, ‘indicated no deception’ from the fighter when answering under the conditions of the test.

Obviously, something more sinister may be behind why Mosley ended up with these performance enhancers in his system but denials from the fighter are seemingly vindicated by the 2003 results.

The BALCO scandal erupted in San Francisco around that time following an initial US Federal investigation in 2002 and saw top names like Marion Jones and Jason Giambi admitting using the tainted supplements.