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Home » Browne talks Towers and Wilder, predicts tough test for Haye against Fury

Browne talks Towers and Wilder, predicts tough test for Haye against Fury

The original fight between the two undefeated heavyweights was called off last year when Towers suffered any injury, but is now set to take place on July 25 in Melbourne, Australia and Browne can’t wait for another big test after recently defeating James Toney.

“I am very happy the fight with Towers is happening and I just hope it goes through this time,” Browne told World Boxing News.

As it is not usual that two fighters with the same promoter get pitted against each other so early on, Browne was asked whether there was an ill-feeling with Towers, to which he replied: “There’s no dislike at all, we actually get along and have a great mutual respect for each other.

“We are just doing what is required of us by our promoter. It’s business in the end and this is our chosen field.

“A win over Towers will get me a Commonwealth title shot and also a bigger following in Europe which will be a much needed boost to my ranking.”

With the likes of 28-0 Deontay Wilder, David Price and the winner of Fury v Haye possible opponents for the future, Browne is leaving it all up to Ricky Hatton to make the decisions and has no preference of who opposes him on his road to a world title shot.

“I have an interest in fighting anyone who will get me to the top,” said Browne. “I’m in the early stages of that journey, but am coming up fast and if fight with Price or Wilder happens it happens.

“In Wilder’s case, I think he holds a very impressive record of course, but there’s a time for every one to step up and really challenge yourself and I think it’s that time for him now.

On the possible Haye v Fury fight, Browne then chipped in: “To be honest, because of Fury’s reach, he is always going to be very dangerous for anyone he fights, but that should be a great fight for the fans.

“When it comes down to it, I’m the new guy on the block who is taking his time to work hard and make the right impression. I will be ducking no one on the way to the top and it should be an exciting ride.”