Lennox Lewis dreamt a comeback, woke up and talked himself out of it

Former three-time world heavyweight great Lennox Lewis has told how he has considered a comeback on many occasions since his retirement ten years ago and at one point used to dream of retaining his crown as champion of the world.

Speaking to Gary Newbon on Sky Sports’s Sporting Heroes series, the now 47-year-old also revealed that he never had the desire to fight once he beat Mike Tyson in their massive clash in June of 2002 and went into his final fight with Vitali Klitschko knowing it would be his last.

“I took the Klitschko fight on ten days notice as HBO asked me to take the date as I could beat him easily,” explained Lewis.

“I just wanted to knock him out and get on with my life after boxing, but I didn’t want to blind him so the referee made a good decision to stop the fight.

“I wanted one Klitschko for lunch and another for brunch, but I had planned to retire before that fight anyway.

“I used to dream of coming back and regaining my title, but then I would wake up in the morning and talk myself out of it.”

London-born Lewis, who is regarded as one of best of all time at boxing’s top table, went on to state that he hopes his legacy of defeating every fighter he ever faced will grow and age like fine wine in the future.