Adrien Broner extortioner bails, explicit photo blackmail deadline expires

Adrien Broner

Amanda Westcott

The extortioner behind a blackmail plot to gain money from world champion Adrien Broner has bolted as their self-made deadline expired.

An unknown woman gave ‘The Problem’ twenty-four hours to cough up cold-hard cash, or they would reveal explicit photos of the boxer.

Threats began earlier in the week when the blackmailer in question began posting cut-off photos of Broner in bed.

Broner acknowledged the incidents on social media but apparently couldn’t care less.

The back-and-forth went as follows:

“I don’t care about b—— leaking old nudes of me. You’re part of my collection,” said Broner.

“Mfs leaking s— from over a year ago. I ain’t had a haircut in over a year,” he added.

“It’s not a game I’m not playing with you. I’m not playing with you. Why do you think I’m playing with you?

“It’s Christmas. I need mine,” came the response from the extortioner before they added: Why are you being weird to me?

“You got 24 [hours] to respond.”

However, Broner fired back: “I ain’t got s— for you leak the photos. You shouldn’t let me f— [you] for free. Bye.”

Adrien Broner nude leaks

As the clock ticked down, the unfazed Broner continued as nothing was happening.

He even asked his fans: “What good movie should I watch on Netflix or Prime Video?

At the same time, the blackmailer had deleted themselves from the conversation and disappeared into nowhere.


All this came about as Broner is about to make a comeback to the sport after another turbulent year.

Returning in January to win for the first time in four years, Broner is putting the feelers out on a potential new promoter.

In addition, his choices seem to be between Showtime, his usual backers, or Eddie Hearn at DAZN.

“When it’s all said and done, I will be champion again! No matter if I fight on Showtime or DAZN,” stated Broner.

Hearn, as always, has already gone public with the fact he wants Conor Benn to face Broner should he come through Chris Algieri in Liverpool.

Furthermore, doubts about whether that fight will ever get over the line are rife.

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