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Boxing stats are in all the Rocky movie blockbusters

CompuBox has been entertaining during the lockdown, keeping fans smiling despite a lack of live fight action taking place for weeks.

Dan Canobbio, spokesperson and face of the company, has been as active as anyone via his position on social media and on the CompuBox podcast.

‘Inside Boxing Live’ has been in full swing with several high-profile guests, but it’s Canobbio’s stats that have taken center stage of late.

Recently, Canobbio decided to add some light-hearted fun in the shape of the TV scrap between the Kardashian sisters.

CompuBox said: “A fight of the year has emerged from this wretched time. It’s just who you thought it would involve…..Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

“Our Dan Canobbio broke down the fight, in great detail, using our stats.”

The fight, shown on E! during an episode from the new series, has widely been met with scepticism since broadcast.

Many believe it’s simply down to the falling ratings of the show as to why the decision was made to have the clash aired.

Prior to his tongue-in-cheek work on the Kardashians, Canobbio ran the rule over all the major fights in the Rocky franchise.


What transpired was some eye-popping results.

Revealing this thinking behind the move, Canobbio said: “I’ve officially worked as a CompuBox operator for six years now but grew up the son of Bob Canobbio, the creator and president of the company.

“So I’ve been around the sport for a long time and have seen things most kids should not see.

“But everything pales in comparison to the pure carnage that is a Rocky Balboa prizefight.

“We’ve been asked numerous times to break down the fights using our stats. We finally obliged. The results did not disappoint.

Rocky took some punishment during his biggest wars but always managed to come out with his hands up and head held high.

What a guy!