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Philip Bowes just can’t see how he loses to Akeem Ennis-Brown

Philip Bowes says he won’t be mesmerised by Akeem Ennis-Brown when they clash for two major belts at the York Hall this month.

Bowes puts his Commonwealth super-lightweight title on the line against Ennis-Brown on Friday, November 29 – and the vacant British title is also up for grabs when they clash on promoter Mickey Helliet’s show.

Gloucester southpaw Ennis-Brown says he puts “a magic spell” on his opponents – and Bowes says he knows what he means and won’t be tricked.

The 35 year old said: “He just nicks rounds by throwing a few shots and then running away. You think to yourself: ‘He has got nothing, I will get him in the next round,’ but before you know it, you are five rounds down and thinking to yourself: ‘How am I losing this fight ?’

“By the time Glenn Foot woke up against him, nine rounds had gone and he only had one round left to knock him out. I’m not going to make thesame mistakes others have made against him.”

Bowes is looking to become British champion at 35 – a record for the division – and says having Darren Hamilton as part of his team is a bonus.

Hamilton was another who blossomed later in his career and Bowes said: “I’ve got the right people around me now. Leon McKenzie knows what it takes to get in the ring and achieved a lot as a footballer – and Darren is great to have around. He could have achieved so much more and knows that he took the wrong road. He gives me advice. He doesn’t want the same to happen to me.”