Fallout over boxer’s shocking death continues after ‘suspension’ revelation

Hugo Santillan

It’s been revealed in the aftermath of his tragic death that Hugo Santillán was under a suspension handed out by the German Boxing Federation.

The young Argentinian, just 23 years old, accepted a fight in his native country just five weeks on from one-sided reverse in Hamburg.

Down in the fight and beaten comprehensively, Santillán was told by the BDB he must now fight until July 31 due to the severity of the punches he took.

The reverse came against undefeated prospect Artem Harutyunyan.

Santillán’s representatives obviously did not adhere to those wishes and have paid the penalty in the worst way.

On July 20, 35 days later, Eduardo Abreu was in the opposite corner as Santillán shared a brutal battle over another ten rounds.

The fight ended a draw, but shockingly, Santillán had to be held up by his corner as the result was being read out.

Oxygen should have been administered way before this point simply due to the nature of the contest, although it was a further two minutes until the correct help arrived.

It seems, upon a second viewing, that the whole set-up at the show was not catered to the boxer’s physical safety. Measures were lacklustre due to the fact major incidents are a rare occurrence.

This cannot be case – especially when lives are at stake.

Fallout from this situation could now run into a legal situation due to the unsavory revelations over the past week.

Just days prior to Santillán’s passing, another fighter lost the ultimate battle. Maxim Dadashev passed away at the age of just 28.

Dadashev was pulled out by his trainer Buddy McGirt towards the end of the fight, but sadly, it proved too late.

Last week was one of the worst on record for boxing in recent years after 2019 matched the two previous years in seeing two deaths from in-ring battle.


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