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Home » Prince Naseem Hamed gives Kid Galahad tips to beat Josh Warrington

Prince Naseem Hamed gives Kid Galahad tips to beat Josh Warrington

Kid Galahad’s trainer Dominic Ingle has revealed advice from the great Prince Naseem Hamed will help dethrone Josh Warrington this weekend.

Galahad, real name Barry Awad, challenges Warrington for the IBF featherweight title in his first world championship bout.

Ahead of their showdown, which will be the UK starter to a main course of Tyson Fury v Tom Schwarz later from Las Vegas, Ingle outlined Hamed’s input.


“Naz (Naseem Hamed) had left the gym and we weren’t on particularly good terms with Naz, but he said to Barry that the only place to go if he wanted to become world champion was the Brendan Ingle gym in Sheffield – and that is where he ended up,” stated Ingle.

“This fight on June 15 is going to represent 14 years of hard work we have put into it. Naz has been in to see Barry and made comments on Josh that I am not going to tell you, but he said some nice words to Barry and said to make sure he looks after his old belt when he gets it.

“I think Naz is going to be there on the night and it will be great if he is. We want the best Josh Warrington on the night, that is what we want.”

Galahad himself added: “I met Naz in a local mosque and he said to become world champion I need to go and find the Ingle gym. It has been 14-15 years since then, training every day and being hard at it. We are finally here.

“I knew the IBF are very strict so I knew this fight would be on. Frank said I was right at the bottom of the list, but look where I am now at the top of the list.


“There were a lot of complaints from his team about things and complaining about the 35 percent split.

“It doesn’t matter, does it? It is my destiny and I am here now and I am gonna rip that title from them in his home town.

“All the noise just comes with the territory. If you want to be a champion, this is what you’ve got to do.”


Tickets for Warrington v Galahad are on sale via

£450 – Hospitality
£300 – Floor
£200 – Floor
£150 – Floor
£100 – Floor/Tier
£70 – Tier
£50 – Tier
£40 – Tier