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Home » Klitschko holds off Leapai from going after gatecrasher Briggs

Klitschko holds off Leapai from going after gatecrasher Briggs

Briggs, 42, flew to Germany of his own accord this week after scoring a one-punch knockout win over Francisco Mireles on Saturday, with the sole purpose of upsetting Klitschko ahead of his bout with Leapai in Oberhausen.

The American entered the media conference being held to promote Klitschko v Leapai on April 26 and proceeded to call-out the pre-fight favourite, whilst at the same time dismissing the challenger as a bum.

As an outraged Leapai took the bait, Klitschko advised the Australian not to get involved before declaring that a fight with Briggs makes no sense at all after his brother Vitali dominated him in 2010.

“I switched into Lionheart mode, I really wanted to fight him,” Leapai told AAP. “But Wladimir just told me ‘our focus is our fight, just leave it at that’ so I just left it at that.”

It’s not the first time Briggs has stirred up trouble for Klitschko as ‘The Cannon’ hit the four-belt title holder with a shoe earlier this year at a California gym and if recent actions are anything to go by, there could still more to come from the former WBO champion in fight week.

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