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Ryan Garcia ‘under incredible stress’ in ‘weird’ hospitalized facility

Ryan Garcia has revealed his hospitalized plight following an arrest for causing damage to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The super lightweight was taken from police custody to a medical facility after being booked and having his mugshot taken. From his new surroundings, Garcia caused further worry to his fans by continuing to post on social media.

He said: “I’m worried. I have to be at this weird hospital, and they are trying to give me medicine. They have me on a hold for who knows how long. They will determine Pray for me. God help me.”

Garcia then compared himself to a pop princess who was forced to battle for her freedom.

“I feel like I’m Ryan Spears, aka Britney Spears. This sucks. I never hurt anyone. I’ve only ever loved everyone, prayed for people, and tried to make a change in this cruel world.”

Those words led both Garcia’s attorney and his team, who deal with his drug test failures, to send out statements obtained by World Boxing News.

Darin Chavez stated, “Ryan has been open about his struggles with mental health over the years, and at this time, he is dealing with an immense emotional burden.

“The support and understanding from fans and the public are crucial as he navigates these personal challenges. We are working diligently to provide Ryan with the resources he needs.

“Our team is committed to ensuring that he receives the appropriate help and care to address both his immediate and long-term well-being.

“We ask for continued support and compassion as Ryan focuses on his family and his health at this time.”

Garcia added: “It’s always love. Thanks to my fans for always supporting me. You’ll know I’ve been dealing with incredible stress, pressure, and now the devastating news of my mom’s health. Love and compassion wins, always.”

Following bizarre behavior from February onwards, Garcia finally has the opportunity to get the help he needs.

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