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Home » Golden Boy tells Garcia, Haney to check contracts over pay delay

Golden Boy tells Garcia, Haney to check contracts over pay delay

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Golden Boy Promotions denied any problems with payments following claims made by Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney over their April 20 fight.

Garcia posted on social media that he’d not received the amount promised, to which Haney replied ‘same’ on Friday. Golden Boy then released a hurried statement echoed by Chairman Oscar De La Hoya clarifying the situation.

“As we have always done with all our fighters, Golden Boy paid Ryan and Devin exactly what they are owed under their contracts,” they said.

“As with all PPV events, revenue comes in over time and additional payments will be made when more money is received. If they aren’t aware of this fact, we would hope that their managers are. Or perhaps Ryan and Devin should pay more attention to their contracts than their social media feeds.”

Before being arrested for allegedly trashing his Waldorf Astoria hotel room in Beverly Hills, Garcia stated, “No way those numbers are real, but let’s worry about that later. Where is my money,” to suggestions the pair made around $85 million between them for the event. He added, “Even if you don’t like me, the fact I haven’t received payment for my fight is messed up.

Golden Boy seems adamant that they paid Garcia and Haney what they owe and that they will send the rest will in due course. However, the fact Garcia was again intoxicated and posting outlandish claims on his accounts could be a cause for somebody to step in. The police have already done all they can do after a family request for a welfare check and the hotel’s complaint.

So maybe Golden Boy and De La Hoya should now try to quash the ongoing wildness.

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