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Home » Strongman boxer Eddie Hall annihilates two opponents at once

Strongman boxer Eddie Hall annihilates two opponents at once

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Strongman boxer Eddie Hall entered the MMA cage this weekend and proceeded to beat two opponents to a pulp at the same time.

A video showing the feat went viral on social media following a press conference where Hall got slapped by one of the Neffati Brothers. ‘The Beast’ made them pay with a shuddering body slam and knockout of one as he claimed victory against the two 65-kilogram participants.

Hall, who previously fought Hafthor Bjornsson in the boxing ring, used his ring ability to get the job done in the Blackburn leg of the World Freak Fight League.

After knocking one brother out clean, Hall went one versus one with the other and made easy work of the pair.

Pinning him down, Hall beat his opponent until the referre stepped in.

After the fight, Hall said, “Had a blast. Who do you want to see me fight next? Big Love. The Beast.”

Heavyweight Johnny Fisher, who faces Alen Babic in his next bout, vouched for Hall’s pinching power during the aftermath.

“Eddie can seriously punch. Trust me, I’ve felt it,” said Fisher, who sparred with Hall in preparation for his fight with Thor.

Another commenter stated, “Next time, you should fight five men at once, Eddie!”

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