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Mike Tyson, the stomach ulcer and the ‘f***ing ridiculous’ fight

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Mike Tyson engaging in any fight, professional or exhibition, comes with hazards and warnings due to his ongoing stomach condition.

Tyson postponed a Netflix event with Jake Paul to recover from a stomach ulcer episode that required paramedic treatment on a flight from Miami to Florida. Since then, the severity of Tyson’s ailment has not been discussed in an open forum by his opponent, the event organizers, or the broadcasters.

The new date is confirmed as November 15 to prolong the hype surrounding the contest. However, as WBN has stated on many occasions, Tyson gaining clearance to fight is an unlikely scenario. It’s just not safe.

Compounding the situation is a recent response to a question from a Muay Thai fighter on a forum that states physical activity with an ulcer the same as Tyson’s is not advisable.

It read: “If someone is suffering from a stomach ulcer, it is essential for them to be cautious about engaging in physical activities like football or other sports. Stomach ulcers are open sores that develop on the inner lining of the stomach or the upper part of the small intestine, and they can be sensitive and prone to bleeding or perforation.

“Playing football or engaging in vigorous physical activity can potentially exacerbate the symptoms of a stomach ulcer and increase the risk of complications. Activities involving intense physical exertion, abrupt movements, or physical contact may put additional stress on the body and the stomach, potentially worsening the ulcer or leading to bleeding.

“It is advisable for individuals with stomach ulcers to consult with their healthcare provider before participating in any physical activities. The healthcare provider can provide guidance based on the individual’s specific condition, the severity of the ulcer, and the overall health status. In some cases, it may be recommended to avoid strenuous activities until the ulcer has healed to prevent further complications.

“It is essential for individuals with stomach ulcers to follow their healthcare provider’s recommendations regarding physical activity, as well as adhere to any prescribed treatment plan to promote healing and reduce the risk of complications.”

The former heavyweight champion’s doctor recommended a three-month delay to the Paul fight. November 15 gives almost that timeframe. However, UFC boss Dana White believes the whole notion of Paul vs Tyson is unthinkable.

White said on the Flagrant podcast: “When this fight happens, Tyson will be 58 f***ing years old. An almost 60-year-old man shouldn’t be fighting a 27-year-old guy under any circumstances. Even if it’s Mike Tyson, it’s just f***ing ridiculous.

“My biggest problem with the Jake Paul thing is how this plays out. When he actually fought somebody who was a boxer, who had the same type of record he has, who was his age, who was his size, he lost. So, they’ll never go that route again, right?”

Targeting Tyson at almost sixty is bad enough, but not admitting the fight will likely never happen could be the worst part. Gaining the eyeballs for that little longer seems to be coming above the realization that Paul vs Tyson is likely dead in the water. How can an aged man with health problems and an ongoing condition that can be life-threatening, engage in a fight?

It’s precisely as White described. The sooner all sides of the argument get real, the better it will be for the sport of boxing.

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