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Deontay Wilder accused of abuse, spitting on and choking fiancée

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Many thought things couldn’t get any worse for Deontay Wilder after the heavyweight suffered another career knockout in Saudi Arabia.

They were wrong.

Wilder has since faced accusations of domestic abuse from fiancée Telli Swift, who filed for a temporary restraining order to keep the boxer away from her when he got back from the Middle East.

The reasons for Swift’s actions are sickening to the stomach and, if proven true, will damage Wilder’s reputation as a family man.

According to TMZ, who cited the TRO in a recent article after a judge granted the request, Wilder ‘abused her on multiple occasions over the last six years.’

She also ‘accused Wilder of choking her at least five times’ and ‘spit on her several other times.’ She also claimed Wilder once shoved her face into a pillow in a fit of rage for so long, she nearly suffocated.’

The former WBC champion has added claims of invading Swift’s privacy and ‘demanding the pair are intimate at least three times a day,’ says TMZ.

According to Swift, the pair separated in April, and she moved out with their daughter despite having had surgery recently. She filed for the TRO to make sure Wilder stayed away.

“I believe Deontay is capable of being physically violent towards me upon his return in June because he has expressed that he is furious with me since April and has been physically abusive with me in the past,” she said, according to TMZ.

Wilder has yet to respond to the allegations as reports that he will retire from boxing continue to make headlines. This latest happening could stop those rumors, as Wilder might need a distraction as his future marriage hangs in the balance.

The loss to Zhang, who came via a bruising fifth-round knockout, is Wilder’s fourth loss in five fights. The 38-year-old has won just once since 2019 and has seen his boxing reputation fall considerably over the past two years. His persona to the public won’t be helped by Swift’s revelations – if proven true.

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