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Mike Tyson ‘smokes like a chimney, needs a miracle to win’

Mike Tyson beating Jake Paul would be a miracle due to his past fitness problems, even in his prime, and lifestyle outside the ring.

That’s the view of former world heavyweight title challenger Fres Oquendo, who aired his blunt views to WBN on the current situation. Oquendo gave his opinion on Tyson facing the YouTuber in a professional boxing match, which is due for rescheduling on June 7 due to health problems suffered by the boxing legend.

Oquendo, who missed Tyson’s prime career after turning pro in 1997, fought for the sport’s biggest prize three times against John Ruiz, Chris Byrd, and Ruslan Chagaev. The 45-fight veteran says Tyson fighting at 58 is only a payday exercise, not only for the ex-heavyweight champion but for his ex-Disney child actor opponent.

“This fight, number one, shouldn’t be happening because Tyson has been smoking like a chimney,” Oquendo exclusively told World Boxing News, citing ‘Iron’ Mike’s well-known habit. “Everyone knows his stamina has always been his worst enemy, but even though that’s no secret, I’m pulling for Tyson to pull that miracle to win. Paul is a wannabe world-class athlete, and I believe that’s not going to happen [Tyson will lose].

“As far as his social media, this fight is really about getting that YouTuber paid, and that’s all I’m going to say, Roger that!”

Tyson is currently under a cloud due to an ulcer problem that saw an original July 20 date scrapped for the fight. The situation represents another bout of illness for the one-time ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ who had to use a wheelchair two years ago for a back problem.

As WBN has reported exclusively, the Texas Department of License and Regulation and the World Boxing Council are monitoring Tyson’s health condition.

With a new date looming, Paul is sounding out new opponents as reports Tyson could be pulled from the event permanently continue to hamper the promotion. If anything happened to Tyson during training or a fight against Paul, boxing fans would never forgive the influencer.

There’s plenty to weigh up as Paul scouts alternatives who could step in to fill the void. Roy Jones Jr., the last man to face Tyson in a boxing ring, has already offered to step in.

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