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Adrien Broner threatens to shoot Blair Cobbs at presser ‘for real’

Adrien Broner has finally gone too far after threatening to shoot his opponent Blair Cobbs at the final press conference for his upcoming fight.

Turning up late for the “Fists of Fury” media event ahead of his return bout on Friday, Broner went off on a rant that included admissions of criminal wrongdoing and intentions to kill if disrespected. “The Problem” had Don King’s team members scrambling behind him as Broner laid it all on the line and landed himself in potentially hot water once again.

“I don’t play no games because my n***** got guns with them, bro, and I’m dead serious, bro,” stated Broner as he took the podium. “All I got to do is point and they are going to blow. I’m dead serious, bro.

“Me and my n****, we already beat bodies, and they are still looking for me. Every charge has been acquitted, so don’t come up here playing, and don’t make no false moves. I’m not playing. I will smack the s*** out of you, for real. I’m not here to play no games. So, we are going to promote the fight, but just be respectful and don’t do no dumb s***. I’m serious, bro, for real, because I’m going to shoot you in your s***.” For real, I’m not joking.

“You ain’t even about none of that. I’m dead serious, and I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you June 7. You are all going to see that he’s nowhere near my level.”

A full video of the press conference is viewable on the Don King website ahead of the event taking place at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

When he wasn’t putting himself in the firing line for trouble with the law, Broner discussed his troubles in making weight, being unreliable at times, and having to win at all costs.

“I want to thank everyone for showing up, and I apologize for being late. I want to tell you guys what I tell everyone else. You can’t fight for me. You guys aren’t going to lose this weight for me. And you guys sure aren’t going to run your mouth for me. So, I am not going to stop doing what I am doing just to please you. You aren’t going to put food on my plate or no money in my pocket. I had to handle business. I had to get my work done before I came here to talk shit.”

“A lot of people said I wasn’t going to show up. People even got Don King saying I wasn’t going to show up. But I showed up. Sometimes, you just have to make everyone a believer. A lot of people have turned their back on me and shut their doors on me. What I once thought was a revolving door didn’t have an entrance from the back. I had to keep coming in the front. There was only one man who would take a chance on me, and that was Don King. That door stayed open, and I came in, and now I am here.

“I apologize, Don, but I want to thank you because you’re the only one who is putting hundreds back in my pocket. I am here to put my life on the line. On June 7 I am not coming to just put on a show for the fans. I am coming to die if I have to.”

Pay Per View will broadcast the fight card via Triller TV,, and

Limited tickets for the Don King Productions’ “Fists of Fury” boxing event are available through Ticketmaster. Tickets are priced beginning at $75. VIP tables will be sold at $5,500.

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