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Mike Tyson’s safety addressed by concerned WBC President

Mike Tyson’s safety is paramount if the former heavyweight champion is to enter the ring as he approaches his sixties.

Organizers will rearrange a fight between Tyson and YouTuber Jake Paul on June 7, following a medical issue that ended plans to compete on July 20. Tyson has a stomach ulcer that can flare up at any moment, leading World Boxing News to predict the fight will never happen. The ulcer could burst without Tyson getting punched in the stomach, so with the ailment, the risks are higher if the “Baddest Man on the Planet” takes any punches.

However, that fact is not deterring Paul, who is looking at dates further down the line, and to other opponents who can fill in during Tyson’s recovery.

WBN wanted to gauge the thoughts of the last man who sanctioned a fight involving Tyson, Mauricio Sulaiman. The WBC President oversaw an exhibition featuring Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. that ultimately kept both fighters out of danger.

Asked about his thoughts on Tyson’s condition and plans to fight, Sulaiman’s stance was that of many others – keeping the boxing legend as safe as possible throughout the contest.

“Boxers are unique human beings. They can’t be compared to any other sport,” Sulaiman told World Boxing News in an exclusive interview. “But they are warriors willing to do anything to fight for pride and honor.

“They want to make a living for their families and they all would accept to fight 15, 20, or any amount of rounds and to fight under any conditions, just to get in the ring. That is their nature.

“Mike Tyson is a legend of the ring. His legacy is as big as any athlete in history. He has been through very hard times and has always come back. He did a sensational exhibition with Roy Jones back in 2020 when the world was shut down. Such an event gave the world entertainment, hope, and much-needed attention for a sporting event. That was an exhibition with all the controlled elements. Both Tyson and Jones understood and had lots of fun. But now, Mike is 58 years old and is having a great life, traveling the world as an attraction and having successful businesses, but in the end, I know he is a fighter.

“I trust the boxing authorities will monitor Mike’s health. I’m sure Mike and his family will do the same,” he added.

Regarding the WBC’s commitment to boxers, Sulaiman concluded: “Boxing is not a game, you can’t play boxing. Safety has been the top priority of the WBC since our creation back in 1963. It is the WBC that has adjusted many rules for the protection of the fighters. All rules created for safety are created even to protect boxers from themselves.”

Based on his ten-second gym videos, Tyson seemed to be in tip-top condition. However, at his age – and with his history of ailments such as a bad back, you never know when something will creep out of the woodwork and derail plans. Paul learned that the hard way and could see a multi-million dollar commitment to Netflix end up on the cutting room floor.

There’s no replacing a name like Mike Tyson for any event. Still, if the youngest ever top division ruler is not one hundred percent, there’s no way he can trade blows with a fitness fanatic 31 years his junior.

The Texas Department of License and Regulation will monitor Tyson’s health until the first bell rings. If there is one instance of another ulcer flare-up for Tyson, the Paul fight undoubtedly goes on the scrap heap.

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