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Avoid Jarrell Miller ridicule in Ryan Garcia case, NYSAC told

Devin Haney’s legal representative in the Ryan Garcia case has cited Jarrell Miller’s failed tests as the WBC super lightweight champion seeks a resolution.

Patrick C. English, acting on behalf of Haney in a letter sent to the New York State Athletic Commission, urged the authorities not to make the same mistakes as they did with Miller. Heavyweight Miller spent almost four years out of action due to a string of doping offenses leading up to his fight with Anthony Joshua in 2019.

However, the NYSAC faced criticism for its handling of the case. English asked the NYSAC to avoid a similar scenario and punish Garcia accordingly for his two failed ostarine tests before and after the Haney fight.

“We began where we started on May 11. We quoted Section 208.29 of the Commission Rules, reading, Prohibited substances and the authority of the Commission to require drug testing of licensed athletes. The Commission may, at its discretion, at any time require a licensed professional boxer or licensed professional mixed martial artist to submit to drug and prohibited substance testing at a date and time and in such manner as directed by the Commission. Any finding of prohibited substances, masking methods, or drugs may subject the combatant to disqualification or other disciplinary action.

“A schedule of prohibited substances and/or impermissible drugs shall be posted and maintained by the Commission on its official website. The use of any prohibited performance enhancing drug [PED] during training or competition shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct, a failure to engage in good faith in honest competition, and an act detrimental to the interests of combative sports. It shall subject any licensee found to violate this prohibition to potential purse forfeiture, fine, change of bout result, and license revocation. [emphasis added].

“I am compelled to remind the Commission that its failure to act in Jarrell Miller‘s situation subjected the Commission to significant criticism and even ridicule. We most respectfully submit that history should not repeat itself,” said English.

Garcia faces suspension for two to four years if the NYSAC deploys standard regulations. However, Garcia’s team has asked for leniency following denials of intentional ingestion.

The Golden Boy star has already asked his promoters to begin talks for a fight with Vergil Ortiz on August 3. Whether Garcia will be on the sidelines serving a ban will ultimately decide that fight’s fate.

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