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Home » Heavyweight legend tells Deontay Wilder his career is over

Heavyweight legend tells Deontay Wilder his career is over

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One of the best heavyweights ever to grace the ring has advised Deontay Wilder to retire from boxing following his latest knockout.

Former undisputed champion Lennox Lewis wants “The Bronze Bomber” to opt out of further fights to keep himself safe from further damage. Lewis commented after witnessing Zhilei Zhang spin Wilder around before knocking him out cold for a few seconds. Wilder got up, but the referee saved him from further punishment after failing to get into the fight.

Lewis observed: “Deontay Wilder told us before the fight that he would retire if he didn’t win. I think that’s a wise decision. He’s more than carved out a life where he can care for his daughter.

“So before he suffers any more damage, it’s best to leave the game with ur faculties intact because there’s a lot more life to live after boxing.”

The ‘Pugilist Specialist’ added: “Bad habits betray Wilder again, and good showings by Zhang and Dubois. It should be interesting to see how the rest of the heavyweights pan out while the Fury vs Usyk rematch plays out.”

Before his fourth career loss, Wilder warned of the dangers in a manner never seen previously. He spoke about retirement and seeing what he had left following another loss in December to Joseph Parker.

“The fire went out for me for several reasons, and I looked to seek more peace. I did a lot of soul-searching because I was content. But I was happy with life and I was financially stable. I didn’t really need this business, as I don’t need it now. It was a proud moment to say that I had made it, especially because of where I came from,” he told Matchroom Boxing as Team Captain.

“My peace was there. I always say to people this is a life or death business, it’s a brutal sport, there is nothing nice about it. When you step in that ring, you risk your life for others’ entertainment.”

For the first four rounds, it looked as though Wilder couldn’t pull the trigger again, meaning his burning desire to hurt people wasn’t evident any longer. The advice of Lewis echoes many in the sport who would like to see Wilder refuse further offers to compete and potentially become fodder for younger boxers late in his career.

A world title shot won’t happen as he approaches his 39th year, while a fight with Anthony Joshua has long since bitten the dust. It seems to be the right time for Wilder to accept his career is done.

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