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Exclusive interview with TCL President Dewey Cooper

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Team Combat League President Dewey Cooper discussed the growth of a thriving project in an exclusive interview with WBN.

TCL is already in its second season, with tickets flying out for shows that promise combat fans a night like no other. Non-stop action from start to finish is the order of the day, with a team format that sees participants aiming to bag as many points as possible.

The concept is gathering pace in the boxing world and has already featured the likes of Michael Hunter, Avery Sparrow, Rashidi Ellis, and Joey Dawejko.

World Boxing News began by asking the man training Mike Tyson for his fight against Jake Paul how he reflects on the success of TCL so far.

“Team Combat League’s team-based approach to combat sports has brought a new dynamic to the industry,” Cooper explained to World Boxing News. “Our team fight format intrigues and excites both fans and the fighters by introducing new strategies and collaborative elements normally not utilized in traditional boxing.

“We at Team Combat League are driven towards creating a very popular and successful new innovative professional boxing team sport. Therefore, it is too early [only being in our second season] to be in a reflection stage or patting ourselves on our backs because of our initial success. We’re solely focused on having extremely competitive and exciting events for the entertainment of the fans, as well as growing our TCL platform globally in the upcoming years.”

It’s no secret that big-name fighters saw the intrigue in competing, with Hunter fighting twice in one night for the Las Vegas Hustle. Cooper followed up on a question about what attracts established stars to TCL.

“I strongly feel it’s our innovative and forward-thinking approach. TCL’s willingness to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional combat sports can be attractive to fighters who want to be part of something new and exciting. It offers them a platform to be pioneers in the sport. Overall, the combination of innovation, credibility, visibility, financial incentives, community, and career opportunities makes Team Combat League an attractive option for big-name fighters and the highly rated and sought-after young boxers coming out of the world-rated amateur portals.

“Because of our “innovative and differentiated” format. This approach sets TCL apart from traditional boxing promotions, creating a unique selling point that can attract both new fans and fighters looking for a different challenge. Also, the increased excitement and engagement can heighten the entertainment for the fans, providing a dynamic and fast-paced event that maintains the viewers’ interest!

“I feel Team Combat League is the way of the future in the form of Team Fighting Sports.”

On whether it’s possible to see a WBC, IBF, WBO, or WBA champion fighting on a TCL show or against a TCL champion in the future, Cooper replied: “No, not in the context that you are asking. Your question refers to an individual match in the sense of traditional boxing, where an individual champion versus another individual champion. Please understand in TCL, the team that wins the Mega-Brawl is the championship-winning team. However, it is possible, and hopefully, someday, we will see the defending Team Combat League World Champions versus the WBC Team of Champions or the IBF, WBA, or WBO Team of Champions in a TCL fight-formatted matchup. That would be a dream come true!”

Finally, Cooper laid out his plans for the continued growth of Team Combat League.

“My future goals and aspirations for Team Combat League are as follows. Global Expansion/International Events: Expanding beyond domestic borders by hosting events in different countries to grow TCL’s fan base and attract international talent. TCL is becoming a global presence and the leading entity in team combat sports worldwide and starting up Amateur TCL Youth and Grassroots Development Efforts: Investing in youth programs and grassroots initiatives to cultivate new talent and ensure the long-term growth and sustainability of Team Combat League.

Also, continually Improving and Restructuring Financial Business Model: Ensuring our company’s sustainability through refining our diversified revenue streams, such as live-streamed events, ticket sales, merchandise, sponsorships, and media rights.”

Following the success of the TCL, the team format is here to stay after the boxing world witnessed a 5 vs 5 Tournament in Saudi Arabia that roundly felt praise inside and outside of the Kingdom.

Season II of TCL continues this month with Houston vs San Antonio on June 6, plus two doubleheaders on June 15 and June 19. Tickets are available now.

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