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Jake Paul feels out opponents with Mike Tyson highly doubtful

Jake Paul has begun looking at new opponent options as Mike Tyson’s health scare leaves a massive question mark over his boxing future.

World Boxing News reported that a doctor’s recommendation postponed Paul vs Tyson due to a stomach ulcer flare-up. The episode involving Tyson pushed the fight back at least three months. However, WBN understands that Tyson is unlikely to get clearance for a professional contest because of an ulcer that could perforate if punched in the stomach.

Texas Department of License and Regulation spokesperson Tela Mange informed WBN that they will monitor Tyson closely if he still plans to fight Paul. But with the fight in serious doubt, Paul is scanning for alternative opponents for his Netflix debut.

“Jake Paul and KSI go back and forth after Jake’s tweet about a July 20th fight between the two,” said organizers at Most Valuable Promotions, turning attention to an alternative fight.

“KSI’s coach is saying he is over 200 pounds right now? So, no weight excuses. Let’s run it for July 20th, and then Paul vs Tyson in October or November,” added Paul.

KSI then told Paul to cancel the Tyson fight and face him later in the year.

“I’ve already got a fight lined up in August. Instead of you fighting an OAP [Mike Tyson] at the end of the year [no one wants to see this], fight me in December instead.”

Paul replied: “I just gave KSI and his forehead the opportunity again for July. He said he’s fighting in August. Cool. I’m fighting in October or November. February it is, 200 lbs, MSG, NYC. Get it done, MVP.”

Not taking the cruiserweight bait, KSI responded: “You asked for 185, Jake. The old folks home has run out of options. This is all just noise. You don’t really want to fight. December, let’s run it at 185. No excuses.”

MVP also stated: “Jake Paul is currently weighing heavier than Deontay Wilder ahead of his fight tonight against Zhilei Zhang,” after Wilder weighed 214 pounds in his loss to Zhang. Whether Paul would ever consider “The Bronze Bomber” is another scenario for the rumor mill.

Concluding on his extra options, Paul said: “Jake Paul vs KSI and Logan Paul vs Deji. Yall with it?”

Before the KSI exchange, Paul stated he would consider fighting his brother, WWE wrestler Logan Paul, which is ridiculous even by the YouTuber’s standards.

Tommy Fury remains the favorite to replace Tyson once his medical evaluation is complete. At the very least, the fight may need to be downgraded to an exhibition with modified rules to allow Tyson to compete.

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