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Exclusive: Mike Tyson’s health monitored by Texas Regulators

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Mike Tyson’s health will be monitored by the Texas Department of License and Regulation before he steps into the ring with Jake Paul.

Communications Manager Tela Mange informed World Boxing News of TDLR’s intentions following an ulcer flare-up on a recent flight. The situation required Tyson to be tended to by paramedics, with the Paul fight pushed back at least three months due to the incident.

However, WBN believes doctors may never clear Tyson to fight with a stomach ulcer as one false move could cause a leak from the former heavyweight champion’s stomach to his abdominal wall. If the ailment is deemed unsafe following tests, physicians will tell Tyson to hang up his gloves for good.

For now, Paul and his team will continue to prolong the public relations involved in a battle with Tyson without any definitive answer about whether ‘Iron’ Mike can compete on the night. It will only take one more flare-up during the build-up to further push back the Netflix event. This scenario of uncertainty is not ideal for Most Valuable Promotions, Netflix, the undercard fighters, or the fans.

Regulators will have to make a final decision on Tyson’s health sooner rather than later, with the TDLR planning stringent checks on the “Baddest Man on the Planet” as he turns 58 this summer.

“TDLR is aware of media reports regarding an episode involving Mr. Tyson. At present, Mr. Tyson and Mr. Paul have met the medical requirements for this event,” Mange told World Boxing News exclusively. “Before the event, TDLR will conduct pre-fight physicals to ensure the health of both fighters.”

Tyson hasn’t been enjoying the best health in recent years despite his declaration that he hasn’t been in this good shape since the 1990s. Two years ago, the boxing legend required a wheelchair for a severe back injury. On an episode of his podcast, Tyson then claimed a miracle doctor helped him cure him by ‘tricking his mind’ of ‘failed back surgery syndrome.’

His back is no longer the focus of attention despite images of Tyson in the wheelchair continually being dug up as if new. The real worry is the stomach ulcer, which can be fatal if not cared for with kid gloves.

Should Tyson eventually be cleared to fight, he may have to downgrade the professional contest to an exhibition and agree to deal with Paul to avoid punching each other below the chest.

It’s a distinct possibility, but knowing Tyson, one that he will not be happy with for his comeback from a four-year ring absence.

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